A Legal Description: The Key to Accurate Real Estate Transfers

A legal description is a detailed and precise way of identifying a specific parcel of real property. It provides a comprehensive description that goes beyond mere street addresses or general identifiers. In real estate transfers, an accurate legal description is crucial as it ensures clarity and certainty in identifying the property being conveyed. At Mountain View Law, PLLC, we understand the importance of accurate legal descriptions in real estate transactions. Contact us at info@mountainviewlawvt.com or call 802-775-6811 for expert guidance in ensuring accurate legal descriptions in your real estate dealings.

Accurate Identification

Avoiding Ambiguity A legal description serves to precisely identify the boundaries and location of a property, leaving no room for ambiguity or confusion. It typically includes metes and bounds, reference to monuments, or subdivision and lot numbers. An accurate legal description ensures that the property being transferred is clearly identified, minimizing the risk of disputes or confusion regarding the intended parcel. By providing a precise legal description on the deed, both the buyer and seller can be confident about the exact property being conveyed.

Public Record Permanence

Legal descriptions are an integral part of public records, making them permanent and accessible for future reference. Accurate legal descriptions become part of the public record, ensuring the property’s identity remains consistent over time. This permanence is crucial in maintaining a clear chain of title and allowing subsequent buyers, lenders, or interested parties to rely on the recorded legal description when conducting their due diligence or research.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

An accurate legal description is not only essential for conveying property accurately but also for complying with legal requirements. In many jurisdictions, a valid deed must include a complete and accurate legal description of the property. Failing to provide an accurate legal description may render the deed defective and could potentially result in legal challenges or complications. Working with an experienced real estate attorney ensures that your legal description meets all necessary legal requirements, protecting your interests in the transaction.

Title Insurance Coverage

Accurate legal descriptions are vital for obtaining title insurance coverage. Title insurance protects buyers and lenders against unforeseen defects or claims on the property’s title. Insurance companies rely on accurate legal descriptions to assess the risks associated with the property and determine the scope of coverage. An inaccurate or incomplete legal description may result in limited or inadequate title insurance coverage, potentially exposing the parties to financial risks in the future.


Consult with Mountain View Law, PLLC for Expert Guidance Ensuring accurate legal descriptions in real estate transactions is essential for clarity, compliance, and protecting the interests of all parties involved. At Mountain View Law, PLLC, we have a team of experienced real estate attorneys who understand the significance of accurate legal descriptions in property transfers. Contact us at info@mountainviewlawvt.com or call 802-775-6811 for expert guidance and comprehensive legal services to ensure accurate legal descriptions in your real estate transactions.

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